We come across many sayings, those that go viral are typically the ones that rhyme and sound good with carefully selected words - only a few have a real lasting impact! I was once told ..

When the ‘Why’ is big enough, the ‘How’ will follow
Sheikh Khalfan Al-Esry (RIP), 2005

At the time, this saying just sounded good, and without doubt I did understand it. its only when I applied it, I began to feel and appreciate its undeniable power in all forms of life

"الذين امنوا وعملوا"
“those who believe and work”
Holy Quran


Today his words are manifested in our business and dealings. I had witnessed first-hand; what drives individuals, teams, organizations and even markets to reach new heights – it is the power of ‘Belief in Why’

Companies carefully craft their Visions, Missions and Values (VMV’s) which has always been the natural thing to do before commencing on a long and challenging journey. Many focus on crafting words that sound impressive and eloquent rather than being inspiring, lasting and contagious throughout the organization. i.e. the focus is on addressing ‘minds’ rather than winning ‘hearts’

I believe what made Hema what it is today, is that our team lives and feels - Our Why – bringing out the best in them; building unprecedented loyalty and strength to achieve the impossible!

The integrity of our VMV’s is being felt by our stakeholders who share our beliefs in creating value; their experiences working with us, lives up to the expectations promised – The Brand

A brand is a promise .. Hema’s brand is our promise !