Is a medium size flange and pipe fitting unit in Oman catering to the huge demand from Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Fertilizer, Power, Desalination Plants, and other chemical industries.

The promoters have rich and diverse experience spanning over years in this field involving precision manufacturing with quality and timely delivery capabilities.Presently, Stockist represent the supply side for the requirements across GCC and especially industries in Oman.

These products are imported from various geographies, amounting to higher costs and possibilities of delayin delivery and low assurance of speedy resolution of issues.We are looking to bridge the supply gap by establishing a high end manufacturing base in Oman catering to the various industries and creating opportunities and workforce development.


What we do

F2V’s business is to convert gases that would otherwise be flared into useful products, such as natural gas, power and LPG. We deliver this without investment from governments or the oil companies and develop and implement solutions at a fast pace. Our mission is to catalyze radical reduction in flaring over the next 10 years.We provide complete solutions to associated gas monetization: we develop projects, finance them and build our plants that convert associated gas into useful products. We sell finished products to the market. Alternatively, we return products to the oil and gas operator for them to sell.


Flare Abatement - Outsourced to F2V

We deliver complete flare abatement via our innovative business model, that includes project development, finance, operation of flare gas monetization plants and marketing of products. Our solutions require no investment from government or oil and companies.

Fast Delivery of Optimum Business Solutions

By delivering replicable, standardized, modular solutions, we are able to reduce the delivery schedule whilst driving the life-cycle costs down. Furthermore, we are technology agnostic allowing us to select the optimum technology for each project.

Foster Growth

At F2V, we believe that we will only succeed in our mission if we have more companies like us competing and collaborating. We plan to proactively foster an increase in flare abatement services by demonstrating the viability of our outsourcing model in new markets and sharing our expertise and experience with others.

Process Flow

The Opportunity

US$ 170 Billion Investment Needed – Rapid Growth in Project Development for the next 10 years147 BCM of gas flared in more than 16,000 flares in 2015 = c. US$25Bn of wasted resourceNoticeable Global Warming Contribution:• 260 mt/year of CO2 emissions• 200-400 mt/year of CO2e methane emissionsNeed to increase development pace from 10s to 1000s projects per yearUS$ 80Bn investment required to capture 90% of currently flared gasUS$ 90Bn investment required to prevent new facilities flaringCountries have committed to eliminating routine flaring by 2030 but flaring has increased as investment still favors oil development to flaring reductionGovernments are ready to take action and open flared gas access to third party entrepreneurs


7th - 11th March 2022


Majan Energy is an Exploration and Production (EP) company focusing on field and asset development. With an ambition for a global outreach, Majan leverages its strong local, regional and international network to build a suite of strategic partnerships, commercially tailored for each opportunity.  Focusing on building the required capabilities, Majan’s unique model capitalizes on delivering through the full value chain to resourcefully mature hydrocarbon, and optimally unleash the potential of each opportunity.

In doing so, Majan functional capabilities are anchored on:

  • Business Development
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Development Strategy
  • Finance & Economics
  • Opportunity Framing
  • Deal Structuring
  • Private Placements
  • Project Management
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A company created to bring the best new technology to the market with a solution-driven ethos. Agnostic to technology allowing us to be flexible to deliver the best solutions.

Waste in X2E does6 not exist. If we look at positive energy, it’s an infinite loop that cannot be destroyed just reused. This is how we envisage our solutions. Following the energy, chain ensures not only the highest of environmental credentials but will commercial upside benefits. Using these benefits to drive solutions into portfolios and campaigns quicker ensures that we speed up the healing of our planet for good. Not only looking at the now but beyond Net Zero. Going Beyond Green.

Our solutions turns waste into opportunity, creating an infinite loop of valuable bi¬oresources that bear the power to contribute to solving the global energy crisis. Offering small scale solutions as well as specifically adapted solutions for larger circular energy plants, the technology can turn waste streams into profitable outputs such as:

  • Circular energy
  • Electricity
  • Heat
  • Fuel
  • Fertiliser

We provide an electrochemical pathway to convert the methane in biogas directly to electricity without combustion.

The technology exhibits the highest electrical efficiency among commercially available technologies and therefore is able to produce the most electricity from a fixed volume of biogas.

This is accomplished while destroying methane and thus avoiding the elevated GHG contributions.

Production Technology Consulting

Oman is blessed with oil and gas resources. These resources are also amongst the region’s most technically challenging to develop and produce. Many fields are developed using Improved and Enhanced Oil Recovery (IOR/EOR) methods to maximise their economic recovery.

The oil and gas sector in Oman is also changing rapidly. Many new companies have started operations and are successful in developing oil and gas resources, thereby creating employment and value for the wider society. Many of these new companies do not have the resources of a large multinational behind them however when it comes to mobilising world class experts to Oman. At Nawa Energy we want to assist and further enable this changing landscape by offering access to such experts.

Specifically, we aim to:

  • Provide oil and gas Operators in Oman and the wider GCC region with top class flexible expertise.
  • Provide access to highly experienced petroleum engineers, production operations staff and related disciplines on a call-off basis for short, medium, and longer term assignments.
  • Develop Omani talent through offering bespoke training courses in a range of subjects, and by conducting training on the job through working side by side with our experts on real life challenges.
  • Establishing an independent technical centre of expertise in oil and gas development planning and production optimization.
  • Access to expertise only when you need it, without the cost associated with full time employment.
  • Training courses tailored to your needs, and delivered in Oman by experts with hands-on experience, often gained in Oman.
  • Flexibility and ‘ease of doing business’.
  • We understand your challenges and will work with you to identify the right expertise to provide solutions.
  • Our experts will typically work in your offices, to ensure that knowledge is transferred and staff in your own organisation gains the skills needed to carry on the activities after the assignment ends.
  • If so desired, we can establish a fully integrated project team that handles project work independently and in addition to your regular organisation.

We are constantly building our network of Associates, and therefore the services we offer will continually broaden and grow. Examples of current services we can offer are listed below, contact us for further details.

  • PVT modelling
  • Numeric simulation (Eclipse, others)
  • Waterflooding (design, optimisation)
  • Steam development
  • Well test design and analysis
  • Well & completion design
  • Artificial lift design and optimisation
  • Nodal analysis
  • Gas well de-liquification
  • Production optimisation
  • Well integrity management
  • Stimulation (hydraulic fracturing, acid, other methods)
  • Well testing
  • Metering
  • Production allocation
  • Facility reviews
  • Designing workflows for clients
  • Facilitation of optimisation workshops
  • Opportunity generation and ranking
  • Modelling of wells and integrated systems (Prosper, MBal, GAP)
  • Intervention proposals
  • Execution support

Rob Peters, Managing Partner
“Simply Better Than Good”

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”Launching SEM MENA”


Example of Sayyala setup for a predominantly Gas well

Sayyala (Arabic) – an easy flowing stream of water. To us it is not just a name, it also reflects the way in which we conduct our business.

Hema Energy has partnered with a UK company SEM Energy to form a joint venture – SEM-MENA and to bring Sayyala to the forefront of the Oman market to provide value to the oil & gas sector. Regardless of the remoteness of the facility, low productivity, high contaminant levels or high water cuts, we work with our clients to tailor scalable and flexible optimization solutions that bring life to the wells and improve their economics.

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